Storm-stricken school to remain shut after debris forces toilets closure

Written by Peter Davison on .

A large branch crushed a playhouse and slideA large branch crushed a playhouse and slidePupils at St Katharine’s School in Savernake will be enjoying an extra long summer holiday, after lightning struck a 600 year old tree, sending huge branches crashing to the ground.

As reported by Marlborough News Online on Tuesday, the tree was damaged during Saturday’s thunderstorm. The top third of the crown of the oak tree was blasted away, demolishing the play area beneath it.

But as officials worked on site this week, the full extent of the damage became clearer. The school’s IT servers, fire alarm system, internet and telephone lines were all effected. But, perhaps more importantly, the school’s sewage treatment plant has been destroyed.

“We were only able to ascertain the full extent of the damage yesterday and earlier today once the fallen tree limbs had been cleared and the appropriate people had inspected the treatment plant,” said head teacher Niki Jones.

‘We have ordered two blocks of temporary toilets for girls, boys and staff which are being delivered and installed throughout Monday.

“It is for this reason that we have had to make the decision to close for one day as it would be impossible to open school with no toilet facilities.”

Ms Jones said she was confident the school would reopen on Tuesday, September 6.