BMI Ridgeway Hospital 'requires improvement' - says CQC

Written by Tony Millett on .

(Photo from the BMI Healthcare website) (Photo from the BMI Healthcare website) The private hospital in Wroughton run by BMI Healthcare Limited has been given an overall rating of 'Requires improvement' by the care Quality Commission (CQC).  The hospital treats many patients from the north Wiltshire and the Marlborough area.

The BMI Ridgeway Hospital provides care and treatment to both privately-funded patients and to NHS patients.  It carries out surgery, medical care, including cancer care, and offers outpatient and diagnostic services.

The hospital has an outpatient department, which includes diagnostic and screening services, including an MRI scanner. There is a large physiotherapy department, which includes a hydrotherapy pool and fully equipped therapy gymnasium.

It has 49 beds, of which 34 are for inpatients, and there are three operating theatres.  The CQC inspectors made an announced visit over two days in April, followed ten days later by an unannounced inspection.

The CQC inspectors ask five questions: are the services caring?  The report answers that they are 'Outstanding'.  Are its services effective and responsive?  The answer is they are 'Good'.  But when they ask are the services safe and well-led, the answer is 'Requires improvement'.

The report goes into great detail on its findings for each of the hospital's departments.

Its services for children and young people are deemed to require improvement - especially as regards patient safety and being well-led.  But it was 'good' at being responsive to their special needs.

The 99-page report ends with a list of areas for improvement - eight actions which BMI Healthcare must take and a further four actions they should take.   The former run from ensuring all surgical safety checklists are fully completed to requiring that all surgical patient records are legible and complete.

The full report can be found here.