Do make sure you register to mark the box with an X as local elections loom on May 2

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

With four weeks to go until the unitary and town and parish council elections throughout Wiltshire, voters are being encouraged to ensure they mark the box with an X.

Elections will be held for all 98 unitary divisions of Wiltshire Council together with all the town and parish councils and Marlborough Town Council on May 2.

If people want to have their say in these important elections and haven’t already registered they need to complete a registration form and make sure it is received by the council no later than April 17,” a council spokesman told Marlborough News Online.

“An increasingly popular and convenient method to vote is by postal vote.  If people wish to have a postal vote in these elections and haven’t already done so they need to apply and send the form back by 5pm on April 17.”

Today(April 5) also marks the deadline for potential candidates to nominate themselves.

If people haven’t yet registered to vote or wish to see other key election dates and information they should visit  The electoral services team can also be contacted on 0300 456 0112.

One independent political spokesman told Marlborough News Online: “The fear at these elections is a particularly poor turnout, as at last November’s elections for new Police and Crime Commissioners.

“So much trust has been lost in the democratic process, that the tendency has been for people to sit on their hands or else pick candidates from outside of the major political parties.

“The vital point is that as many people as possible vote for whatever political party or independent candidate they wish to represent them and do not ignore these elections.

“We are living in tough times and who controls diminishing local services affects all our lives.”