UKIP misses out on Marlborough challenge but still fights 50 Wiltshire Council seats

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

Neil Hamilton, chairman of Wiltshire UKIPNeil Hamilton, chairman of Wiltshire UKIPThe Devizes constituency appears to have become something of a “black hole” for UKIP in its bid to win seats at the May 2 elections for Wiltshire Council.

The independent party, which has stormed up the poll charts against the Tories and Lib-Dems nationally, is contesting 50 of the 74 unitary council seats next week.

And it expects to do well amid reports of Tory MPs in disarray and UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage declaring that Baroness Thatcher would be a UKIP member if she was starting her political career today.

But although Neil Hamilton, UKIP’s Wiltshire chairman, had announced it would put up candidates in every seat, none at all have been nominated in the Devizes constituency, in particular for the two Marlborough seats.

“We lost a few at the last minute because of nomination paper errors or a change of mind by the prospective candidate,” Mr Hamilton told Marlborough News Online.  “While it was our aspiration to find a candidate for all seats, fighting two thirds is still a creditable achievement.  And we expect to do well.”

Mr Hamilton, the former Tory MP for Tatton, and his wife Christine, were among the invited guests at St Paul’s Cathedral last week for the funeral of Baroness Thatcher.

“Margaret was a close personal friend as well as an inspiration,” he said.  “Her funeral was deservedly magnificent.   What nation worth its salt would refuse to mark its respect for such a colossus?"

“She is a historical figure on the scale of Pitt, Disraeli, Gladstone, Lloyd George and Churchill.  She will be remembered, whilst most PMs are best forgotten as grey mediocrities."

“What she achieved in 11 years is astonishing.  She changed the world.  Without her personal alliance with President Reagan and raising the nuclear stakes in Europe, the Soviet Union would not have collapsed when it did." 

“They are not mealy-mouthed about her in Moscow, Warsaw, Prague and Budapest.  They know how vital she was in freeing them from Soviet tyranny."

"Nor are they mealy-mouthed in the Falklands, where her political heroism rescued them from Argentina's fascist military dictator.  Previous Tory leaders believed in 'the orderly management of decline.'  Margaret Thatcher reversed the tide and transformed Britain's standing in the world.”