Why I am seeking election by criticised Conservative candidate Councillor Stewart Dobson

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

Stewart DobsonStewart DobsonTory town councillor Stewart Dobson, who is standing for election on Thursday to represent Marlborough’s East Ward, has now issued a statement Marlborough News Online.

After twice turning down a request for a face to face interview, Councillor Dobson has now asked us to publish the following in the wake of criticisms made of his candidature.

He says: “Here is a brief resume of why I am standing as a candidate in the Wiltshire unitary authority election.

“I am a local man born and bred in the town and ran the family motor business for many years.  My children and stepchildren were all educated in Marlborough and my late wife taught at both St. Peter’s and Preshute School.  

“Marlborough and its people are therefore very special to me and I would welcome the opportunity to represent them at county level and address the many issues and concerns they may have.

“I have been a town councillor for many years and have always believed that councillors should be very prudent of how they spend public money, especially in these present difficult financial times.

“Candidates often promise a list of all the things they will do if elected.  I personally will not promise anything that I cannot deliver.  In fact the most important pledge to make is one that I will always be prepared to listen.  Every resident’s concern or worry is a priority to that person, and should never be considered too trivial or unimportant to address.”

He adds:

“From talking to people now and before the election campaign, I know that there are justifiable concerns over for example, the state of our roads, the impact caused by heavy goods vehicles through the town, the potential adverse effect on our local infrastructure by more development, and the lack of CCTV in our town.

“These concerns and others I will address on behalf of all residents with strength and determination.  Marlborough must have a strong experienced voice at county fighting on behalf of all residents.”

And Councillor Dobson points out: “I really have no wish to comment on remarks made to you by other candidates and present town councillors on my election leaflets and even my personal life.

“I try not to make adverse personal comments as I believe that the public is understandably fed up with that sort of behaviour.  I have always believed that like me all candidates are genuine in their desire to serve the people of Marlborough in their own way to the best of their ability.

“I have always tried to follow the old maxim, If you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything.”