Candidate’s plea to electors: Please come out and vote

Written by Tony Millett on .

A candidate in the Marlborough Area’s unitary elections has defended the practice of having ‘paper candidates’ on the ballot paper- but adds: “Isn’t it sad they’re not doing more?”  

Jemima Milton is the Conservative candidate in Thursday’s vote (May 2) for the West Selkley seat on Wiltshire Council told Marlborough News Online: “There’s nothing in our democracy that says you have to do anything during a campaign, but if you don’t it’s a pity for the voters because they haven’t got a proper choice.”

The only other person on the West Selkley ballot paper will be Labour’s Matthew Lee who has not been campaigning.  But at least he does offer voters an alternative.  Elsewhere in the county, there is no contest at all in six seats for Wiltshire Council with the nominated Conservative returned unopposed.

The worst response Mrs Milton gets when she campaigns is “Not voting – not interested”. “Everyone”, she says, “is affected by their local councils – and should vote. Remember there are still many countries in the world were people trying to get the vote.”

So from pot-holes in the roads to care of the elderly to council tax levels – votes count: “Obviously I’d like people to vote for me and for our party. But what’s important is to vote. So please come out and vote.”

In Wiltshire’s first unitary election in 2009 Mrs Milton faced four rivals:  UKIP, Liberal Democrat, Labour party and an Independent - James Sheppard who this year is standing as a Conservative in the Aldbourne and Ramsbury seat.  Four years ago she won with 49.7 per cent of the votes.

Note: the count for the four seats in the Marlborough Area – East & West Marlborough, Aldbourne & Ramsbury, and West Selkley – will take place in Devizes and start at about noon on Friday (May 3.)  Check Marlborough News Online for the detailed results.