UKIP’s rise is due to public disgust with the failures of our political parties says Neil Hamilton

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

Neil HamiltonNeil HamiltonNeil Hamilton, the former Tory MP who is now UKIP’s chairman in Wiltshire, has poured scorn on all his party’s opponents in the run-up to Thursday’s increasingly volatile council elections

"The Tories are flummoxed by UKIP,” he told Marlborough News Online .  “Ken Clarke has tried insults whilst Boris Johnson thinks he can kill us with flattery.  Boris seems to be saying that UKIP are doing so well because the Conservative Party has stopped being Conservative.

“He's right.  But UKIP is more than a safe haven for Tory refugees.  UKIP's 22 per cent vote in the Rotherham by-election – it is one of Labour's safest seats -- shows we take votes from patriotic people across the political spectrum.

“The unifying factor is disgust with the failures and deceit of the Lib-Lab-Con.  UKIP's success is an indictment of the entire political class inside the Westminster and Brussels bubbles.”

As to the Wiltshire scene, he said: “Labour cannot win in the Devizes constituency.  But if enough fed-up Conservatives defect to UKIP, UKIP can win.

“It is not UKIP which will cost the Conservatives the next election nationally.  David Cameron is the one to blame for wiping his feet on his party's traditional supporters.  Masses of real Conservatives are no longer prepared to be treated as doormats."

And he added: “Kenneth Clarke calls UKIP supporters 'clowns'.  UKIP got two and a half million votes in the last Euro-elections.  

“UKIP pushed the Tories into a humiliating third place in each of the last three parliamentary by-elections -- and will do so again in South Shields, also on Thursday.

UKIP thanks Mr Clarke for his honest arrogance, insulting millions who will vote UKIP in Thursday's elections because Westminster Bubble politicians aren't interested in their opinions.

“Clarke still thinks we should join the Euro, that open-door immigration is a good thing and Abu Qatada is quite right to use the Euroean Court of Human Rights to make a fool of the British Government.

“Clarke is the clown.  But nobody's laughing.  UKIP will get its own back on Thursday."

Mother and daughter on opposing UKIP and Tory sides in election battlePat Bryant - UKIP candidate for Urchfont and The CanningsPat Bryant - UKIP candidate for Urchfont and The Cannings

Thursday’s election for seats on Wiltshire Council is surprisingly pitching mother and daughter against each other -- but fortunately in different wards in the Devizes area.

Pat Bryant (pictured) is the UKIP candidate in Urchfont and The Cannings while her daughter, Liz Bryant, is standing for the Conservatives in Bromham.

“We don’t quarrel over politics,” Pat told Marlborough News Online. “We disagree over very little.  But Liz will grow up and join UKIP long before David Cameron ever becomes a Conservative.”

Pat is more than hopeful of her chances of success standing against new Tory candidate Philip Whitehead and Labour’s “paper candidate” Colin Hopgood, who hasn’t issued any election literature.

“I am being very well received wherever I go,” she said. “What’s interesting is that I’ve had lots of people on the doorstep who have never voted, women in their 20s and early 30s welcoming me and saying, ‘Thank goodness we’ve got someone to vote for.’

“I find it quite scary that people don’t want to take part in our democracy.  And as for Ken Clarke’s comments about our various candidates, what ever happened about democracy being the government of the people by the people for the people?

“I hate to say it, but Boris Johnson has a point when he says UKIP members are the lost tribe of Tory voters.  I think that’s probably what we were and are now gaining momentum, not from people who have never voted but those who will not vote Labour because they do not trust them.”