Undeterred by lack of seats in Wiltshire, UKIP sets its sights on major gains from”smug old parties”

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

Neil HamiltonNeil HamiltonWhile disappointed at winning just one seat on Wiltshire Council, UKIP remains undeterred and is setting its sights on even bigger victories, according to Neil Hamilton, chairman of Wiltshire UKIP.

He told Marlborough News Online: "UKIP's message to the Lib-Lab-Con is ‘We are the writing on your wall!’  Success breeds success and we will build on the local council  stunning election results.  

“We aim to sweep the board in the 2014 Euro-elections -- our next target.”

And the former Tory MP added: “Although we gained only one seat on Wiltshire Council, we came close in others and got lots of second places.  We shall use the next four years to build up our local branches.

“It was a personal disappointment to me that we were able to field only three candidates in the Devizes constituency, which includes Marlborough.  I appeal to all UKIP sympathisers to contact me and help create an active UKIP branch.

“We have caused a political earthquake and shattered the smug complacency of the old parties, who have taken us for granted for so long.

“One more heave and we can elect UKIP MPs to restore Britain's right to make its own laws, control its taxes, end open-door immigration and the human rights farce, stop concreting over the countryside and end the blight of wind farms."

Another local election guru pointed out: “UKIP have certainly upset the political apple cart and, in the words of its leader, Nigel Farage, created a sea-change in British politics.

“But what is surprising is the political reaction to the UKIP surge across the country and that of the Westminster bubble commentators, who are so close to the Commons they simply can’t see the true depth of the voters’ revolt.

“The point is that the public at large has lost total trust in politicians, bankers, the national media, the police, the church and supermarkets dumping horsemeat on them.

“Their reaction is either to sit on their hands in elections – and there’s plenty of evidence of that with pathetic election turnouts – or voting for alternative parties, in particular UKIP.

“Moreover, they are concerned about the unfairness of the coalition’s austerity cuts while reducing tax for millionaires, the slow, determined destruction of the welfare state, in education and, worse still, the NHS.

“Rising petrol and power prices have hit every home while, at the same time, they grey vote is worried about ill treatment in care homes, so many of which are going bust.

“How can any voter have faith in any government that continually tells lies and has failed totally to create growth and provide jobs for a lost generation of young people?

“The basic trouble is that the electoral system is no longer fit for purpose."