Town Council's first Welcome Reception for people new to Marlborough - or to retirement

Written by Tony Millett on .

The idea came from Councillor Alexander Kirk Wilson:  while staying in France he had come across a Welcome Reception held in a small town Mairie - a practical effort to introduce new residents to the town, to its history, its facilities and opportunities.  

He thought it would be a good idea to welcome new residents to Marlborough and tell them a bit about the town and what opportunities it held.  The same reception could also welcome people who had recently retired.

On Wednesday, 21 September Marlborough Town Council's first ever Welcome Reception will be held in the Town Hall - with a generous welcome between 7.00pm and 9.00pm.  Apart from some free refreshments there will be a wide range of the town's organisations - societies and charities - on hand.  The people who make Marlborough the town it is.

At the last time of counting the list of those who will be on hand with their own welcomes included:
•    Action for the River Kennet (soon to be known to new residents as ARK!)
•    Marlborough in Bloom - waiting for next month's judgment on their 2016 displays.
•    Kennet Valley Arts Trust - who provide streaming that ARK cannot provide:  live streaming of theatre, opera and ballet - as will as films.
•    The Marlborough Lions Club - raising funds for local and national charities.
•    The Marlborough Players - always keen to welcome new actors - young and older.
•    The Marlborough Concert Orchestra - whose members will be playing at soon at the Town Mayor's Charity Concert on Friday (23 September) at 8.00pm in St Peter's Church.
•    Home-Start Kennet - who need help helping families under stress.
•    St John's Adult Education - providing a wide variety of courses for those still keen to learn but too old to be at school.
•    Churches Together - joining many of the area's places of worship.
•    The Link Scheme - volunteers helping those unable to use public transport.
•    U3A - or University of the Third Age - an even more open version of the university experience.
•    The History Society - with a fund of knowledge about the town's history.
•    The Tennis Club - about to launch its own courts and club house.
•    The Bridge Club - with a good deal for new residents.
•    Marlborough's Youth Organisation...fairly new kids on the block.

It should surely become a new annual event in the town's diary - especially as new housing developments bring new families to the town.

It's an open invitation - but if you want to go along, you are asked to RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01672 512487