Here's another one: Wiltshire Council's efforts to stop trucks getting into Silverless Street are simply not working

Written by Tony Millett on .

It's Thursday morning (October 20) and the driver of a UK registered truck follows his satnav down Kingsbury Street and tries to get into Silverless Street.

He takes a drainpipe off one side and smashes the bay window of the house next to Dormy House. This time Dormy House itself seems to have survived unscathed.

The No Entry sign that is supposed to stop cars and trucks entering Silverlerss Street from Herd Street does not seem to be the final answer to this dangerous problem.

The other end......The other end......The lead photo was taken by Silverless Street resident Niels van Gijn.  He thinks Kingsbury Street and Silverless Street should be closed to all HGVs: "The crazy thing is that it's so much simpler and not much longer to go round by Herd Street."

"Quite clearly the No Entry sign at the other end of our street is as good as useless.  I feel really sorry for the driver - he was just following his satnav."

...and the damage...and the damage