Claire Perry takes a few swipes at 'patently unfit' Trump

Written by Tony Millett on .

In her weekly column, Claire Perry MP, has taken some fierce swipes at President-elect Donald Trump.

Mrs Perry, who lived in the US for nine years, writes: "...knowing it a little bit makes this week's shock Presidential result a little more understandable, if not any more palatable." 

She believes his election "...has left people absolutely horrified, including every Republican I know."

She writes: "...for the greatest country on earth to elect a leader who appears so patently unfit to lead, refuses to pay US taxes (and brags about it), likes to grab women by whichever body part is convenient, admits he would date his own daughter, thinks that 'putting a woman to work is a dangerous thing', wants to ban Muslims from entering the USA, spews hate and division in every speech, could easily start a nuclear war but sneers at the idea of a war on climate change - well, the list goes on."

After comparing Trump's easy use of scapegoats to that of Nigel Farage, she ends:

"It's early days and the USA has seen terrible leaders who make good, and of course we must respect the democracy that has thrown up this surprise."

"But all I really feel like saying is God Bless - and God help - America."