Marlborough gets its fair share of Angus rain, but no flooding

Written by Eric Gilbert on .

Water lying in Cooper's MeadowWater lying in Cooper's MeadowAs Storm Angus battered the south-west of Britain, the intense rainfall on Saturday (November 19) gave Marlborough the wettest day of the month with 25.3mm. This was followed by 9.6mm on Sunday and another 17.2 mm for Monday's twenty-four period.

Since 08.00 on Tuesday (November 22) another 8.1mm has fallen. This brings the total precipitation for November to far.

This total includes melt water from the wet snow that fell early on Friday (November 18.)

That total of 117mm is 128 per cent of the 32-year average for November - or plus 25mm.

This wetter than normal month is very different from the previous months of April to July, along with September and October, which were all recorded with below average rainfall totals.

The deficit for these six months was 111mm with October being exceptionally dry. In fact it broke the record held since 2003 being the driest October I have recorded since my station started in 1984.

For rainfall, the lows and highs of Novembers since 1984 were 2016 with just 31.5mm and 2004 with 159.3mm - so the last week of this November will have to be very wet indeed to reach the 2004 figure.

The A345 flooded at Clench Common...againThe A345 flooded at Clench Common...againThe levels for the Rivers Og and Kennet have shown only a very modest rise from 0.06 to 0.11 metres over the last six days, according to the latest data from the Environment Agency.

The flood levels for these two rivers are 0.86 and 0.63 metres, respectively so currently we are well below danger point.

Aldbourne, which has had serious flooding in previous wet winters, has not any flooding in the past week. 

The ground water level is quite low - but it will build up towards February which is the danger month for that area.