SWIFT Medics benefit from the big banks' bad behaviour

Written by Neil Goodwin on .

Swift Medics Doctors Jonathan Glover, Andrew Heavyside and Dan BawdenSwift Medics Doctors Jonathan Glover, Andrew Heavyside and Dan BawdenSWIFT Medics, the Wiltshire-based team of emergency response doctors is celebrating after the award of £95,000 in the Chancellor's Autumn Statement.

The bad behaviour of the major banks, including Barclays and UBS in rigging the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate) lending rate resulted in heavy fines.  The money raised went straight into the 'LIBOR Fund' which the Treasury decreed should be used to support Armed Forces and Emergency Services charities.

SWIFT Medics applied for the money to the Government after it was announced that the monies would go to such worthy causes.  The charity plans to spend the money on five cardiac resuscitation devices.

Headed up my Dr Jonathan Glover, formerly of the Marlborough Medical Practice in George Lane, SWIFT Medics is one of a new breed of ‘on the ground’ critical care providers who finance emergency response doctors to travel to the scene of an accident or emergency.  Ambulance services in the UK do not routinely send out doctors to the scene, meaning vital time can be lost in providing the critical care many accident and emergency victims urgently need.

Dr Glover and his team of six other fellow Doctors from SWIFT Medics attend critical incidents and emergencies across and around the South West, making them the first and only 24 hour emergency doctors in the region.

Although they are volunteers and receive no NHS funding, they are called out by and work alongside the other Emergency Services.  Doctors from SWIFT Medics are called to some of the highest profile emergencies, recently a SWIFT Medics doctor was the lead medical advise at the scene of the Bath tipper truck tragedy in which four people lost their lives which is currently the subject of a court case, and were also called out to serve at the Didcot Power Station collapse.  Even the local air ambulances will regularly request the presence of a SWIFT Medics doctor, especially at night when they do have a doctor on-board.

SWIFT Medics are entirely funded by the public through fundraising and through grant monies they are awarded and all their doctors are volunteers who are on call for SWIFT alongside their other NHS duties.

Chairman and Medical Trustee Dr Jonathan Glover said:  ‘For a small charity like SWIFT Medics, a grant of this size will make a phenomenal difference to the amount of state of the art specialist equipment we can buy to assist us to do an even better job at the scene of accidents and emergencies.  ‘We are absolutely delighted that our work has been recognised with a grant from the LIBOR Fund alongside much larger charities and we hope that is testament to the outstanding efforts of our team in the South West in attending accidents and emergencies.

‘The medical rationale behind what we do is simple:  the sooner critically ill patients receive care from a specialised doctor and paramedic team, the more likely they are to survive or avoid long-term disability.  SWIFT Medics provide the doctors who lead these teams.’

Further information about SWIFT Medics can be found on their website at:  www.swiftmedics.net