Margaret Rose, last year’s Mayor of Marlborough follows up her Mayoral Charity drive for the Brain Tumour Charity with a lobby of Parliament

Written by Neil Goodwin on .

Councillor Margaret Rose and daughter Mary with Claire Perry MP in the Palace of WestminsterCouncillor Margaret Rose and daughter Mary with Claire Perry MP in the Palace of WestminsterCouncillor Margaret Rose raised more than £12,000 for Brain Tumour Charity, her chosen charity during the year that she was Mayor.  On Tuesday, 13 December, accompanied by her Mayoress of last year - daughter Mary - she travelled to Westminster to lobby for the charity at the sitting of the inaugural meeting of the ‘Task and Finish Working Group’ on brain tumours.

“Brain Tumour Charity are holding the Government to account for the historic underfunding into researching this condition that kills more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other type of cancer” said Councillor Rose, adding “that raising money is vitally important but showing support through presence at an event like this really helps, and we want to make every bit of effort count”.

Councillor Rose and Mary were greeted in the Palace of Westminster by Claire Perry MP, Devizes constituency Member of Parliament who is sympathetic to the cause and will be in support of the Working Group.

The Group was co-chaired by Nicola Blackwood, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health & Innovations and Proessor Chris Whitty, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department of Health.

As well as passionate accounts from the floor by those who have experienced Brain Tumour or managed loss of close friends or relatives to this form of cancer the session was given an update on new prognosis by the eminent neurosurgeon Kevin O’Neill and learned of how research into Brain Tumours is being coordinated and driven internationally through European and US research centres.

“A very important day” summed up Cllr Rose. “I would like personally to thank everyone who helped and contributed towards the fundraising for Brain Tumour Charity whilst I was Mayor, every donation can help and will make a difference, and today was another step forward.”