"Sign? Wot sign?" - HGVs still using Kingsbury Street as a cut through

Written by Tony Millett on .

You can put up signs to try and persuade HGV drivers not to use certain roads  - and they will get ignored.  Either wilfully or carelessly.  Kingsbury Street proves it beyond doubt.

As these two after dark photos taken on February 4 and 8 show, Kingsbury Street is still being used a short cut from the A4 (aka The High Street) to the A346.  [One right and the other below]

Unless, of course, HGVs have suddenly taken to getting onto the M4 using some devious back-way via Rockley.   (A route HGV drivers have not yet cottoned on to....sssh!)

Can it just be because most satnavs can barely distinguish between an A road and a farm lane or a narrowing residential street like Kingsbury Street and the A4?  Certainly, that is why the countryside is littered with 'Unsuitable for HGV' signs - put up at council tax payers' expense.

Back in November residents of Kingsbury Street told Marlborough town councillors that their problems with heavy vehicles and speeding cars were not just inconvenient, but had become safety issues. 

However, it is, of course, a matter for  Wiltshire Council - and Wiltshire Council thinks Marlborough's road are fine and capable of taking lots more cars and lorries.

You might think the sign [left] at the bottom of Kingsbury Street - just across from the Town Hall - is large enough to be noticed - even at night.  What do drivers think that thick red line through the silhouette of a truck means?  It certainly does not mean local residents roll out the red carpet for trucks.

But if you are negotiating the weirdly angled turning off the High Street at some speed and with many tons of truck behind your cab, the sign is obviously much too easy to miss the sign.  

There is, we must remember, a branch of Specsavers close by the sign.  Perhaps the drivers should have gone there...

It is, however, no joking matter for its residents that Kingsbury Street is still being used as a cut-through by HGVs heavy enough to rattle their windows and to be more and more dangerous for pedestrians - in daylight and after dark.


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