Wilton Windmill is getting its sails back

Written by Peter Davison on .

Specialists removing the sails back in AugustSpecialists removing the sails back in AugustAfter seven long months, the last working windmill in Wessex is getting its sails back.

Specialist millwrights will be at Wilton Windmill on Wednesday, March 15 to replace the four one-and-a-half-tonne oak sails, following much-needed renovation work.

The sails were removed in August last year. Many of the slats were rotten.

The windmill dates from 1821, and the sails were based on the original design, although were fairly modern replicas - they were erected after Wiltshire Council bought the dilapidated building in 1976.

The Trust which now runs the windmill had hoped the sails would be back up within two months.