Pedestrian sent flying by car that failed to stop at London Road zebra crossing

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

Police are believed to have traced a woman driver aged over 80 who failed to stop after hitting a pedestrian on the zebra crossing outside St Peter’s School, Marlborough, last Friday.

Just before 9am a woman crossing the road was sent flying into the air after being struck by a silver Volkswagen Polo car that failed to stop.

The pedestrian was treated by ambulance at the scene and then taken to the Great Western Hospital, in Swindon.  She suffered severe concussion and was discharged later that day.

The accident is the second of its kind at the London Road crossing, which is used daily by scores of children and their parents.

On the last occasion the Lollipop Lady guiding children across the road had her lollipop knocked out of her hand by a vehicle that failed to stop but was fortunately unhurt.