18 bags of rubbish collected from the River Og

Written by Peter Davison on .

ARK litter pickers clean up the River OgARK litter pickers clean up the River OgVolunteers collected 18 bags of rubbish from the River Og and its environs during a day of action.

The litter-pickers from Action for the River Kennet targeted the Bay Bridges area, collecting junk from the lay-by as well as the river, as part of the Great British Spring Clean weekend.

ARK project officer Anna Forbes said: “The River Og is a tributary of the River Kennet and unfortunately at this location it suffers from a lot of abuse. Our wonderful volunteers cleared the whole lay-by of rubbish as well as the river.

“A year ago ARK removed over forty bin bags from Bay Bridges so it was encouraging that this time the number had significantly reduced to eighteen bin bags.

"It is a shame that some visitors to the lay-by do not use one of several bins that are provided. The majority of rubbish collected was bottles, cans and other fast food packaging.

“There was also evidence of people using the area as a toilet. Litter can pose a significant threat to many species of wildlife causing injuries, choking and entanglement.

“Bay Bridges is now a much safe place for wildlife and a nicer lay-by to stop in with a lovely view of the River Og to be enjoyed too.”