Marlborough town council joins the transition town movement

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

Marlborough took another step forward in its bid to become a transition town devoted to seeking a sustainable future at Monday’s meeting of the town council.

At the initiative of Councillor Richard Pitts, the council unanimously adopted a motion moved by deputy mayor, Councillor Edwina Fogg, that the council too should adopt the principles and ethos of the now world-wide transition town movement.

“This council will strive to create a self-reliant Marlborough, working with its partner organisations in the town and local areas to lessen the impact of the rising costs of food, energy and transport,” it said.

“It will produce an action plan to review its budgets and services to achieve a reduction in energy costs and seek to initiate and promote a wide range of strategies for sustainability in the town.”

The move comes at a time when there are still 5.1 million households in fuel poverty in the UK and 40 per cent of homes have no loft insulation.

And it follows a public meeting in the town hall last month when 55 people decided to introduce and promote transition town values to local residents at a time when energy costs in particular have hit a peak.

But councillors did complain about some of the “jargon” words used in the campaign and urged its supporters to use simpler language more easily understood.