Celebration ideas galore from Edwina for the Queen’s diamond jubilee

Written by Gerald Isaaman on .

With plans already under way for a beacon on Hackpen Hill to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee next year, Marlborough’s deputy mayor Edwina Fogg (pictured) is now calling organisations in the town together to organise other royal celebrations.

Her takeover of the mayoralty next May coincides with Queen Elizabeth’s achievement of becoming only the second monarch in British history to spend 60 years on the throne.

Edwina wants Marlborough town council to be the catalyst for community groups to plan a week-long celebration leading up to the official four-day holiday that runs from 2nd to 5th June

And she outlined to the town council on Monday a host of ideas she hopes local groups will be inspired to organise for the unique occasion.

“We can provide the infrastructure for others to do so many things,” she said.  “I want the church bells to ring, recorded cannons firing, fireworks lighting up the skies to make it a marvellous occasion.”

A few of her brain storming ideas to get people into the mood for the historic moment include a Paint your Portrait of the Queen competition for children, a recreation of the Battle of Marlborough by the English Civil War Society, a civic dinner and a Marlborough in Bloom display in the High Street.

There could be an open-air Big Lunch, an evening on the monarch in words and music at St Mary’s Church, special film shows, a lecture on the monarch at the Merchant’s House, a Marlborough fun day with a fancy dress competition for children, and the organising of a permanent memorial to Her Majesty.

“As a council we should be the catalyst for all the wonderful things that could happen,” she added. “We need to reach out and seek ideas from everyone in the community.”