Salisbury Road development: Redrow Homes seek planning permission changes as hotel is split off

Written by Tony Millett on .

The hotel is the mauve coloured area in the north east of the site [click to enlarge]The hotel is the mauve coloured area in the north east of the site [click to enlarge]Redrow Homes, the development company which has bought the Crown Estate land west of the Salisbury Road, has decided to pass the development of the hotel to "a different developer and operator".

Outline planning permission for up to 175 homes and a hotel was granted by Wiltshire Council to the Crown Estate and the land, with that permission attached, was sold recently to Redrow Homes.  

Redrow's decision to split the housing from the hotel, while not surprising, means that they now have to ask Wiltshire Council to vary sixteen conditions attached to the grant of outline planning permission.

These are technical changes to make the conditions compatible with a 'phased development': "The residential dwellings will be delivered across a single phase, with the hotel coming forward in its own separate phase in tandem or at a later date."

The changes need to be made so various parts of the construction process can start at different times and proceed at different speeds.

These changes will include the timing for payments of the Section 106 infrastructure charges: "...there may be a requirement to revisit the provisions of the Section 106 agreement.  Although there is no intention to review the overall parameters of the contributions agreed, the Section 106 agreement does not distinguish between the different phases of development."

"There may therefore be a requirement to revisit the triggers for each contribution to ensure that they would be compatible with a phased development approach."

The separation of the hotel from the housing lays the development open to one significant problem that was raised briefly when Marlborough Town Council considered the final plans for outline permission.  

The car park space allowed for the hotel has been described as 'patently too small'.  Unless this space is increased, it is thought there is a real danger that hotel visitors will simply be forced to park on the roads - outside homes.