Wiltshire Council rejects planning application for waste recycling plant on Manton Drove

Written by Tony Millett on .

Manton Weir Barn Manton Weir Barn The planning application by Skip-Rite Limited of Ludgershall to turn a disused grain store on Manton Drove into a waste transfer station and recycling facility has been rejected by Wiltshire Council.  As Marlbrough.News reported, the application had aroused great consternation in Manton village.

The proposal had attracted over eighty objection letters, been rejected by surrounding parish councils and on April 4 was dismissed by Marlborough Town Council's planning committee. It had also brought objections from Wiltshire Council's highways, environment and landscape officials.

The application to turn Manton Weir Barn into a recycling centre had been 'called in' so it would be decided by Wiltshire Council's Eastern Planning Committee after a public debate, but planning officials obviously thought it did not need to go before that forum.

Wiltshire Council found they "had no alternative other than to refuse planning permission".  Officials said the application was contrary to four of the Council's core strategy policies and contrary to five core policies of the Wiltshire and Swindon Waste Development Core Strategy.  

Amongst these issues was the traffic the facility would generate on Manton Drove - which was described by planning officers as having "inadequate width...and subject to a substandard junction on to the A345".

The rejection notice cites the National Planning Policy Framework 's intention that "great weight should be given to conserving landscape and scenic beauty in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)."  The rejection notice continues: "...it is considered that the operational requirements and activity associated with the proposed use would have an extremely harmful impact on the landscape character and scenic beauty of this remote part of the AONB."

Officials also criticised the application's lack of a 'background noise survey and noise assessment' which meant they could not 'properly assess' the impact of the development on the neighbouring house - Chalk Pit Cottage.

Marlborough.News understands that that enforcement action will be started by Wiltshire Council if recent activity reported at the site is not stopped.