Fyfield & West Overton Parish Council object to Vodafone/02 mast pre-application plans - coverage too ineffective

Written by Tony Millett on .

Masts don't all come like the one in the middleMasts don't all come like the one in the middleThe pre-application plans for the Vodafone / 02 mast to cover the villages along the western Kennet Valley has raised a major objection from the Fyfield & West Overton Parish Council.

The 17.5 metre tall mast, to be sited behind the ‘Bell’ pub on the A4 would provide ‘good coverage’ for West Overton but only partial coverage for nearby East Kennett and ‘Limited Outdoor Coverage’ for Lockeridge, which is exactly how the current ‘coverage’ is described.

These three villages have been notorious mobile signal blackspots and the Parish Council objected to its siting on the following grounds:

The statement issued by the Parish Council added that it “is not against the idea of a telecommunications mast but feel proper consideration needs to be given to location and coverage, the council feels this application does neither.“

Lockeridge resident and long-time Vodafone customer Neil Goodwin commented: “Mobile phones have been a feature of life in this country for well over thirty years, we live barely twenty miles from the World Headquarters of Vodafone but still our coverage on any network is non-existent, worse than almost anywhere else in the world, developed or otherwise, and this mast will make little difference.” 

“If Vodafone and 02 are serious about serving their customers they should find a location that offers coverage throughout the valley.  The Parish Council is absolutely right to object to this ineffectual proposal”.

The planning application number is 17/03498/PNTEL, and can be viewed on the Wiltshire Council website. Comments are due by 25th May.

The full plans will be discussed a Parish Council planning meeting to be held on Monday, May 22 - immediately after the AGM at around 8.30pm.