Reach for the Skies! Sky Dive to raise money for Burbage Primary School

Written by Sue Round on .

Burbage Primary School's team of intrepid SkyDivers practice on terra firmBurbage Primary School's team of intrepid SkyDivers practice on terra firmBurbage Primary School Headteacher Nicola Coupe, reception class teacher Bev Thompson and parent Anita Campbell are preparing to jump out of a plane at nearly three miles above the ground on June 17 to raise money for their school.

They hope to raise a minimum of £8500 from sponsorship to equip Burbage Primary School’s new reception classroom and to further develop the school’s grounds as an outside classroom.

The intrepid trio will sky dive from 15,000 feet with Goskydive, Salisbury.   After one minute in freefall at 125 mph, a parachute will be deployed, reducing the speed of descent to 40 mph.  The whole experience will take 12 minutes and the trio will be treated to outstanding views of Salisbury cathedral and the iron age hill fort of Old Sarum.

Nicola, who has a fear of heights, told  “I can’t think about it too much as I am utterly terrified at the prospect.  A whole minute feels like a long time to be falling through the sky!  But, at Burbage Primary School we encourage our children to challenge themselves and that is exactly what I am doing in agreeing to jump out of an aeroplane!  It’s a real moment of facing my fear!”

Bev and Anita will be offering Nicola their support.  Skydiving has been on Bev’s ‘bucket list’ for some time and ex-professional dancer and national gymnast, Anita, says,  “I am not worried about heights.”

Burbage Primary School has Growing Schools/Countryside Classroom status which means there is a strong focus on outside learning, growing flowers and vegetables, looking after animals and encouraging wild-life.

The money raised will provide a butterfly friendly wild-life area, fencing for the school’s chickens, more vegetable and flower pots and a mud kitchen!  Part of the butterfly friendly area will become a garden of reflection in memory of Mikey Britten who recently died following a brave fight with cancer.

The school team believe that learning outside the classroom and gaining real-life experience enable students to become global citizens.  Nicola says: “It’s not only about what the children learn but how and where they learn.  Outdoor lessons add value to classroom learning, helping to raise achievement and supporting development of key life skills such as problem-solving, co-operation and communication.  The children at Burbage Primary School love our outdoor spaces as they offer opportunities for them to explore their creativity and sense of adventure!”

The PTA have already raised £1,270 from their Christmas and Easter Produce Fairs.  The Summer Fair will be held on July 1, at the start of Burbage Gala Week.  The school is also grateful to receive £1,000 from Burbage PCC.

A Just Giving fundraising page has been set up.  If you would like to donate, please click here.