Twenty First Century Jobs / Compass for Life - Pewsey Vale School hosts its first Careers Fair

Written by Sue Round on .

Head boy Oliver England and Chloe Blaken Senior Prefect consult the Airbus stand at the Careers FairHead boy Oliver England and Chloe Blaken Senior Prefect consult the Airbus stand at the Careers Fair

Pewsey Vale School students, together with pupils from local primary schools, were treated to a feast of information about future training and career opportunities at the school’s first ever Careers Fair.


Held at the school on September 26, the Careers Fair was the brainchild of Pewsey Vale’s Assistant Head, Chantal Dean.  Chantal who has responsibility for student personal development and well-being said, “It’s never too young to be inspired and to grow aspiration.”

CITV presenter Jamie Rickers who spoke to the students about the Compass for Life programmeCITV presenter Jamie Rickers who spoke to the students about the Compass for Life programme“The event was open to all students in the school and provided them with an opportunity to find information and engage more proactively with careers guidance.  Have-a-go activities were incredibly popular ranging from space based activities provided by Airbus through to workshops from a range of fields including children’s tv presenter, Jamie Rickers.”

Airbus Defence and Space are based just outside Corsham where they have an underground nuclear proof bunker.  They offer apprenticeship and graduate schemes.  The Airbus group train satellite operators and spacecraft engineers and are among the top ten global defence businesses in the world.

In contrast, Greatwood Educational Programmes offer a range of programmes with ex race-horses which build self-esteem, motivation and communication skills.  The programmes are a stepping stone to a career with race horses.

Wiltshire Police, the army, the Royal Signals, the James Dyson Foundation were among many others who were represented.

Three guest speakers who ran workshops prompted students to think in detail about their future career plans.  Jan De Jong from People, Business, Psychology, told, “it’s all about opening students’ eyes to the world out there and the opportunities possible.  It’s about having the right mindset to reach them.”

Have a go activities future career jockeyHave a go activities future career jockeyJan’s talk gave students advice on building self-awareness, self-care, and resilience as well as how to set achievable goals.

Wiltshire Apprenticeship Organization gave details of apprenticeships on offer in the local area.

Jamie Rickers, best known as the co-presenter of children's programmes Prove It! and Toonattik on CITV spoke to students about the Compass for Life programme.  This programme aims to help students navigate through life.

Chantal Dean explained the programme:  “Students identify their North Star (purpose) then think about strategies they need to get there, ethos - values that are important to them and also their warrior spirit – confidence to take action.  Jamie specifically related this to his own journey in which he was told as a child he would never be a Children’s TV presenter.  Throughout his talk he referred to his own experiences which massively engaged our students.”

“Support for the event was provided by our local advisor and we have made strong links with businesses in the local community as a result of contact made.  Businesses who were unable to attend the event on the day have offered future support including companies such as QinetiQ.”

“This has been a well-received event in both the school community and wider local community and has been beneficial to the young people in helping them to see wider opportunities and all future pathways.”