No excuse for the Postman: New street to be named after Marlborough hero commemorated on a special WW1 stamp

Written by Neil Goodwin on .

Elsie Knocker with Mairi Chisholm commemorated on a special WW1 stampElsie Knocker with Mairi Chisholm commemorated on a special WW1 stampOne of the ten names have selected by the Town Council for the new street names within the Salisbury Road development is of WW1 nursing hero, Elsie Knocker, who has been commemorated along with fellow nurse, Mairi Chisholm by the Royal Mail on one of their First World War – 1917 Special Stamps.

As well as Elsie Knocker there are nine other names being put forward to developers Redrow for them to use.  They are:  Lawrence, Dunford, Wood, Leader, Jennings, Usher, Garside, Merriman and Hatton.

All are heroes of the Great War with strong connections to Marlborough.

The names were presented for the Town Council to discuss at last Monday's (4 December) Planning Committee meeting.  Councillor Andy Ross conducted the background research on each of the proposed names with additional assistance from Councillors Nick Fogg and Mark Cooper.

Councillor Ross said:  "Over a thousand men from Marlborough served in the First World War so attempting to select a representative ten was not a straight forward matter.  I endeavoured to include both officers and other ranks together with casualties and soldiers who returned.  Several of those selected still have living relatives in and around Marlborough.

There will be a major even to commemorate the Armistice Centenary next year and the Town Council are appealing for information about relatives of those in the town who took part on the war.

Shelley Parker, Town Clerk added:  "Research will continue into all those with close connections to Marlborough who served in World War 1 in order to build up an archive to be part of the town’s 2018 commemorations of the 100th Anniversary of Armistice next year.  It would be good if we could hear from those who would like to give us information about family members whey would like to include."

Redrow, in conjunction with Wiltshire Council will decide which names to use, whether christian names are to be added as well, and whether they will be shown as 'Road', 'Street', 'Close' etc, but Elsie Knocker, as probably the most notable of all will be at the top of the selection list.