REMINDER! Parking charges increase today - first day of February - with more increases to follow in August

Written by Tony Millett on .

It's a date that matters...It's a date that matters...Wiltshire Council's eleven per cent 'inflationary' increases in parking charges came into force today (February 1).  These have nothing to do with current inflation, but have been set as ‘catch-up’ increases after several years of no change.


The other parts of Wiltshire Council's new parking regime will come into force in August - after a 'consultation'.  These include charging on Sundays and Public Holidays as well as steep increases in Parking Permits.

In a letter which we publish today, Bob Holman reveals the extent of the Post Office's use of the Hyde Lane car park and also the steep rise in free parking Parking Permits handed out to Wiltshire Councillors and staff.


Even though each of the Council's 98 councillors is allowed free permits for two cars, and the Council's staff has been reduced by austerity, much more than doubling the number of free permits handed out between 2015 and 2017 is peculiar - to say the least. 

The permits are to be used when the holders are on Council business - so issuing permits for two cars for each councillor seems strange.

Mr Holman also questions the purpose of a consultation - first if it does not meet the required legally defined standards for such consultations - and her quotes the Supreme Court on what should happen. 


Secondly if the decisions have already been taken with an implementation date set, can the consultation be an ything bu a rubber stamp? would like to hear from people who have to drive into Marlborough everyday for work and will face the increased Permit costs. 


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