Marlborough under siege from the HiViz hordes armed with temporary traffic lights

Written by Neil Goodwin on .

George Lane at lunchtime today, not normally a busy periodGeorge Lane at lunchtime today, not normally a busy periodFrom North, South or attempting to drive through - Marlborough appears to be under siege from gangs of HiViz attired workmen with temporary traffic light systems each causing a hold-up, but together causing mayhem or chaos every evening and afternoon due to the apparent lack planning or co-ordination.

Attempting to enter Marlborough from Swindon and the North - the long-term Ogbourne St Andrew Thames Water workings ensure that the wait (at peak times) will be long.  The same applies when trying to escape from Marlborough going North.

Attempt to enter from the South and it's the Salisbury Road works, adjacent to the new development opposite the Business Park.  How long will this go on for?  Projected until March 2?

High Street at lunchtime - easy to cross the roadHigh Street at lunchtime - easy to cross the roadWithin the town there are two further areas of stoppage:  George Lane (soon to be completely resurfaced, but in April) which is undergoing drainage works (with yet more temporary lights), and along the High Street where SSE are laying high voltage cables, yet with more temporary lights at the Eastern end adjacent to the Town Hall.

When will this end? Good question.  Why wasn't all this co-ordinated so that each element could be scheduled so that it didn't overlap with other works?  Another good question.

Ultimately it is Wiltshire County Council where the responsibility lies.

This is affecting the life of those who live in the town as well as those who use the town as their main hub. Businesses are being hit.

Conversely, every piece of work being carried out is being done for a reason: the Salisbury Road hold-up is so that the housing estate (and hotel?) can be built, SSE works in the High Street are being done to improve the electricity infrastructure within the town (and maybe reduce the frequency of power cuts?).  But co-ordination of all these works is the key. has contacted the Council but as yet no reply has been received.

For further information regarding roadworks - within Marlborough or elsewhere, a site exists where details of every roadworks - current and planned can be viewed on a map, each giving full details of what it is, contacts and for how long: