Burbage: Wadworths are selling The Three Horseshoes

Written by Tony Millett on .

 The Three Horseshoes Pub in BurbageThe Three Horseshoes Pub in BurbageAs marlborough.news has reported, The Three Horseshoes at Stibb Green, Burbage has been closed following the move of the landlords to a new pub.


Now it is confirmed that Wadworths are selling The Three Horseshoes - one of two pubs in Burbage village - as a going concern.  Wadworths say they do not see this pub as part of their long-term plans.

An offer from a potential buyer is on the table and is likely to go through.  As yet, the name of the buyer is not being made public.

As with the sale of any rural pub - especially one with its own sizeable off street parking - the danger is that a buyer may seek to run the pub business down. 

If there is concrete accounting evidence that a pub has become 'unviable' as a business, it is usually quite straightforward to get a local planning authority to grant change of use - allowing the pub to be turned into a private residence or, space permitting, into a multiple housing development.