Town Council votes for full public consultation on 20mph speed limit options

Written by Tony Millett on .

The Town Mayor, Councillor Mervyn Hall, was adamant that the options coming out of Wiltshire Council's assessment for introducing 20mph speed restrictions in the town, should be put to a public consultation as soon as possible.   And at Monday’s (March 5) meeting of the Full Council, that is what councillors voted for.


Most councillors agreed with him and a six week consultation - on paper and online - will run from March 16 to April 27.  The options will be discussed at the annual Town Meeting on April 23.  There will be an extraordinary meeting of the full town council on April 30 to come to a decision. reported on the assessment following September's 'metrocount' data on traffic flows and speeds here.

The Mayor was unhappy that the Council's Planning Committee had not considered the report and that the Community Area Transport Group had given it a lower priority than a general traffic plan for the town:  "We must do better.  We should address this definite proposal and do what's within our capability.  We owe it to the people of this town to consider this proposal."

He was answering Councillor Guy Loosmore who, though he would support the 20mph proposals, thought they were an example of putting "sticking plaster everywhere".  He wanted a wider remit and wider action to solve the town's traffic problems.

Councillor Forbes thought the Wiltshire Council report showed that  "There is not a great deal of speeding in Marlborough...Marlborough does not have a problem as regards high speeds".   He said that 20mph limits would "block the town up further."  He spoke about 'waging war on motorists' and saw the 20mph limits as 'a rash reaction'.

His views were opposed by the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Lisa Farrell:  "I watch children waiting to cross the roads.  There is a big issue and it's getting bigger and bigger.  And we need to do something as a Council now."

Councillors also voted to ask Wiltshire Council to reconsider their verdict on George Lane - they had found that average speeds recorded there outside peak traffic times, did not qualify for a 20mph limit.  The Mayor said that there were special circumstances there due to the new pedestrian crossing point to the Van Diemens entrance to Marlborough St Mary's Primary School. 

PRIMARY SCHOOL PEDESTRIAN CROSSING:  It was announced at the meeting that Wiltshire Council had agreed to put SLOW markings on the roadway in George Lane at the Van Diemens crossing point - when George Lane had been re-surfaced next month. 

The installation of flashing lights with 20mph warning signs at start and end of the school day would take longer as the decision had to come from another Wiltshire Council department.