George Lane car park still free to use while ticket machines stay out of order

Written by Tony Millett on .

The only two parking ticket machines that provide tickets for the George Lane long stay car park are still out of order.  So people are continuing to make the most of a lengthy period of free parking there.


Wiltshire Councillor Stewart Dobson has discovered that the problem is a fault in the electricity supply to the two machines.  It is not yet clear how this was caused - or when it will be repaired. They have been out of order since mid-April.

The ten old-style ticket machines in Marlborough were installed over fifteen years ago and Wiltshire Council recognise that they are becoming unreliable. They have said that the remaining old machines will be replaced before the end of the year - and the nine new machines needed for Marlborough and Devizes are being given priority. 

Funding for the new machines will come from increased parking charges still to be agreed by Wilthsire Council - following the recent consultation on increases including for annual permits and the county-wide introduction of Sunday charging.

Each new ticket machine costs £3,500.  To make them able to accept contact card payments would cost a further £1,500 per machine.