Our MPs: do they have a clue?

Written by Nick Maurice on .




If one lined up all MPs and asked them the question “Would you agree with the statement “I am an MP and in politics to do the best for my constituents and the best for my country” ”, is it likely that anyone would disagree?

In which case, why was it that when the 2016 referendum took place, all the main political parties were divided.  As far as the Conservatives were concerned, Prime Ministers Cameron and May (and of course our MP Claire Perry) and many others voted to Remain while Michael Gove and Boris Johnston and others voted to Leave.

Surely this must mean that none of them had a clue what the implication of leaving would mean and whether it would be better or worse for country and constituents.

Is it not rational therefore that now we do have a slightly clearer idea of the impact that Brexit is going to have, not least on the poorer members of society and the younger generation, we should hold a second referendum?




Nick Maurice