Kennet Valley pupils feel the rhythm…

Written by Sue Round on .

Hedgehog class experimenting with musical instruments during Kennet Valley School Music WeekHedgehog class experimenting with musical instruments during Kennet Valley School Music WeekThe first week of February was music week at Kennet Valley C of E VA Primary School.  The energetic sounds of Samba drumming techniques and Gospel singing harmonies were introduced to the children through two whole day workshops run by visiting musicians – Raz, and Jo Sercombe.

In addition to the workshops, teachers ensured that every lesson during the week, such as Art, Maths, Science, Religious Education, had some musical content and linked in some way to the subject being studied.

Every class experimented with different instruments.  This included using the GarageBand App on the iPads.

Gospel singing with Jo SercombeGospel singing with Jo SercombeAt the end of the workshop days the children showcased what they had learnt to parents who made the following comments:  “Very uplifting – they bought a big smile to my face,”...“Amazing rhythm and listening to know when to play your part.  Really fantastic,”...“Samba Workshop and showcase! Brilliant, fantastic and awesome – what a fab way to start off music week!  Another lift for KVS” and  “Great to see their talents nurtured.” 

Emma Russell is headteacher of Kennet Valley School:  “Everybody loved performing and everyone at the school could sense the creative buzz throughout the school.”

The Badger Class learn Samba DrummingThe Badger Class learn Samba DrummingMiss Chalker is the school’s Music subject leader.  She was delighted by how well the week went:  “What a fantastic week! I could not stop smiling.  The Samba workshop was an epic success, and it was clear that all classes enjoyed working with Raz.”

“Jo Sercombe returned with her gospel workshop and inspired the children to learn traditional songs as well as tunes from Disney.  We topped the week off with the FRIENDS’ silent disco - proving to be an excellent success for both children and volunteers.”