Marlborough’s new restaurant and bar puts the emphasis on British and local

Written by Sue Round on .

Connor Thompson and Nathan Woodley outside SarsensConnor Thompson and Nathan Woodley outside SarsensBusiness partners Nathan Woodley and Connor Thompson opened Sarsens at the St. Peter’s end of Marlborough High Street on February 1.  Formerly Bow Belles, Sarsens is a stylish restaurant and bar which caters for breakfasts, lunches and evening meals.  A large choice of cocktails is also on offer.

Nathan Woodley told  “We wanted a local name and our menu is built around being British and local.  We use all local suppliers such as Sumblers and Andrews.  We want to support other local businesses. Our small plate tapas style dishes are served on Jaqui Melhuish’s plates.  Jacqui is based in Wagon Yard.”

“We want to create a social style of dining rather than formal.  We cater for vegans and gluten free and our team of foragers supply all sorts of wonderful herbs for our chef to use.”

Chef Paul Yeomans, who formerly worked at the Michelin starred restaurant, The Whitebrook, has created an imaginative menu.  There are twelve small plate choices equally divided between fish, meat and vegetarian. Customers could share plates of:  carrot, goats curd, yarrow and wild carrot leaf - Severn and Wye smoked salmon and fennel - lamb rump, potato, wild garlic and carrot.

Breakfast and Sunday lunch are more traditional.  “You can’t mess about with Sunday lunch,” explained Connor and Nathan.

“Historically this has been a place to come during the day but we are now growing an evening trade and we want it to continue.  We have a large choice of cocktails and the cocktail menu is always changing.  Our garden is a real suntrap and the perfect place to wind down with a cocktail.”


Nathan Woodley and Connor Thompson demonstrating the Jacqui Melhuish plate and dishesNathan Woodley and Connor Thompson demonstrating the Jacqui Melhuish plate and dishesThe garden and patio at SarsensThe garden and patio at Sarsens

Nathan, who is originally from North Wiltshire and Connor, from Oxford, are keen to support local events and to work closely with other local businesses.  They have already supported Action for the River Kennet (ARK) volunteers by taking them coffee and hot chocolate as they started their volunteer work in the Kennet. 

There are also plans to work with ARK over creating a rain garden and monitoring the use of water.  They are working with Marlborough Transitions to find ways to upcycle and reduce food waste.  Used coffee granules will go to a compost bin outside Packaging Not Included in Hughenden Yard. 

Nathan who has a degree in Economics from Edinburgh University, has considerable experience working in restaurants.  Connor also has experience in the hospitality industry.  “It’s been my dream to run a restaurant but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly,”  remarked Nathan who at twenty-six is the more senior of the business partners.  “We hope we can refine the concept and that Sarsens will be the first of a chain of restaurants.”

Sarsens are open every day although hours vary. T hey will also accept bookings for parties and weddings.

More information can be found at  and on Facebook.