Marlborough's next generation leads the way to bring home the dangers of climate change to everyone

Written by Neil Goodwin on .

Extinction Rebellion marchers in Marlborough High Street extending down most of one sideExtinction Rebellion marchers in Marlborough High Street extending down most of one side"What do we want? Climate justice.  When do we want it?  Now!"  was the chant that reverberated throughout Marlborough's High Street earlier today (Saturday 11 May) as several hundred Climate Extinction demonstrators, led by the next generation marched up and down to bring the dangers of the climate predicament home to the people of Marlborough.

Organised by the Marlborough & Devizes Extinction Rebellion group the march was to make people aware of what's happening.


Today's march attracted people of all agesToday's march attracted people of all agesAt the front of the march it was the young of tomorrow's generation, who will be at the forfront of dealing with climate change, carrying the 'Life Or Death' Extinction Rebellion banner and leading the chanting.  The group stretched halfway down the High Street and managed to complete several laps starting and finishing at the Library.


A good natured event, shoppers looked on, Police were there in attendance as marchers bought the traffic to a very slow crawl in each direction depending which side of the street they were on.

"We're here to join the growing chorus to call for immediate action on climate change and the biodiversity crisis."  explained Jo Ripley, activist and one of today's march organisers.  "Politicians are not standing up to the mark and they need to know what a massive disruption we are all likely to face."  she added.

Extinction Rebellion marchers set off from LibraryExtinction Rebellion marchers set off from Library"Politicians have got to listen to the science" ...... "Scientists are telling us we cannot dither, we have got to act now".

"We need to get a message to our MP, Claire Perry, who is also the Climate Change Minister:  Why are the government subsidising fossil fuels?" she asked, pointing out that the current government is supporting the Heathrow expansion, major road building projects and other ventures that will add to rather than alleviate the problem.

"What can we do here in Marlborough?"... "We can get our voices heard, telling people here about the enormity of what's happening, and they will, like us want the politicians to take action.  For their future, their children's future, we are looking at aa very grim and unstable world." she added.

Did they get the message home and make a difference?  One elderly male bystander was overheard asking a fellow shopper  "What are these idiots doing?"  when looking at the young leaders of the march holding the banner.  "Trying to save the world for their generation." was the reply. "Oh, fair enough." was his reaction, so maybe, bit by bit, the mesage is getting across.