Ramsbury Airfield Remembrance - this Sunday, 9 June at 11am

Written by Neil Goodwin on .

1st Ramsbury Scout Group line up for the dedication of the Information Board at Ramsbury Airfield1st Ramsbury Scout Group line up for the dedication of the Information Board at Ramsbury AirfieldThis Sunday (9 June) will see the final act of Remembrance at Ramsbury Airfield and the dedication of the Airfield and Woodland memorials.  A culmination of an idea that become a reality - Memorials to honour all those who worked and served at RAF Ramsbury.

The final stage of this ambitious project links the two world wars to the old airfield, and coincides with the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings.  There will be two Memorials to dedicate - the Woodland Memorial Service at 11am at Burnt Wood, where over 400 tree saplings (donated by the Woodland Trust) were planted in Remembrance November 2018.   This will be followed an hour later at mid-day by a dedication of the remains of the main runway. 


Military guests, from near and far, visitors, and locals from the towns and villages around the old RAF Ramsbury airfield will gather to honour the fallen of two World Wars and give thanks for 'Deliverance' from Nazi tyranny.  After the noon service on the old runway, the informal part of the event  starts and there will be the opportunity to purchase food and drinks, or enjoy a picnic.  Organisers are keen to note that everyone will be welcome.


Parking is open from 10am but organisers suggest an arrival time between 10 and 10:30am.

A large turnout is expected and the armed services and RAF will be represented, and there will be at least thirty serving members of the 437th (US) Air Lift Wing based in Charleston, South Carolina coming over for the event.


As a prelude to the main event, on Saturday 25 May the 1st Ramsbury Scout Group and parents gathered for the unveiling of the Information board.   


Claire Costello, of the RAF Ramsbury Remembrance Project commented:  "RAF Ramsbury Airfield, a block of stone and the Information Board finally came together nearly 75 years since the D Day Landings.  Butler Signs fixed the mounted artwork to the block and, finally, the role RAF Ramsbury played in WW2 was commemorated".   She added:  "On Sunday 9 June, we will gather to dedicate two memorials - one to those who gave their lives in the Great War, and to remember all those who worked and served at RAF Ramsbury during the Second.  At the going down of the sun we will remember them."


Details of the event can be found here in the 'What's On' calendar.