Wiltshire Council updates its logo - and loses its slogan

Written by Tony Millett on .

The old,,,and on the right the new logo The old,,,and on the right the new logo Wiltshire Council's logo has been given a 'refreshed modern look for the first time in more than a decade'. In the process the oft quoted 'Where everybody matters' catchphrase that was a fixture on the old logo, has been abandoned.

A statement issued by the Council explained why the change in font was happening now: "We are currently in the process of building a new website and took the opportunity to refresh the logo and introduce a font that meets with accessibility guidelines."

"The new logo retains much of the current style but introduces a more vibrant distinct green alongside the new font. The dark green remains within the council's colour palette and will still be used to compliment the new, brighter green."

The new logo will be phased in gradually.  This means people will see the old logo on letters and other printed correspondence until new stock is needed.  Both styles of the logo are now appearing on the heading of the Council's Twitter feed.

Councillor Philip Whitehead is the Council Leader: "As Wiltshire Council moves into its second decade and a new era we thought now was the perfect time to refresh our logo. We also needed to change the old font as it was not helpful for people with visual impairment."

"The new logo has been designed by our in-house graphic designers and by taking a phased approach to rolling it out we are ensuring there is no additional cost to our residents. People will soon start to gradually see it on correspondence and our website."

"It's not a dramatic overhaul but a subtle change that ensures we meet accessibility guidelines moving forwards."

The press release announcing the change does not mention the loss of the 'Where everybody matters' slogan or explain why it is no longer considered to be appropriate.

The outgoing logo was introduced when Wiltshire Council was created in April 2009.