WANTED! - a new Town Councillor

Written by Neil Goodwin on .

Yes........  YOU!Yes........ YOU!Interested?  Maybe one day you could even become Mayor...?  But that would be a long way ahead with many hours and days committed to Council business - meetings, ceremonial functions et al needing to be undertaken before that ever became a possibility.

Applications are being sought from anyone (qualified) and interested in being 'Co-Opted'.  This means that you won't have to stand for normal election - not by residents across the area that you would be serving (Marlborough East) - but by an election of the current Council at the Full Town Council meeting on 9 December.

If you feel passionate about Marlborough, keen to become involved in how the Town is run and can make the time to spare then apply.  Click here to access the instructions and application form which will need to be completed and returned to the Council offices by the deadline of 4pm on Monday 2 December.

The Selection process will take place the following week with the outcome being made public either later in the evening of Monday 9 December or the following morning.

A thankless task?  In the current febrile political environment it could be seen as just that, but many current and former Councillors will say something quite different as it can be a rewarding, inspiring experience and a great opportunity to make a difference to the Town and how it works.  'Putting something back' as one Councillor summarised their experience in the role.


It's a non political role - the Council is non-party political so rosettes and 'party lines' don't get in the way of delivering what is best for the town and the residents of the town.