Pulling pints to pulling teeth? Councillors object to proposed change of The White Harte to Dental Surgery

Written by Neil Goodwin on .

The White Harte - in the Marlborough Conservative ClubThe White Harte - in the Marlborough Conservative Club"How can you take a prime retail unit out of the High Street and replace it with a Dental Surgery?".  This was the question posed by Councillors at last night's (Monday 2 December) Planning Committee meeting of the Town Council when presented with the application to convert the iconic Conservative Club building, currently run as The White Harte restaurant & bar into a Dental Surgery.

The doors of Marlborough's Conservative Club will close for good on New Year's Eve barely fifteen months after a major refurbishment and relaunch as The White Harte.  "The end of an era on the High Street" said Marlborough & District Conservative Club treasurer Jackie Dicks when asked by marlborough.news.  "It's a great shame" she added.

"This runs against our normal Town Centre strategy" stated Mayor, Councillor Mervyn Hall, explaining that the High Street was to be reserved for retail and food & drink outlets.  "To put a Dental Surgery in the middle of the High Street sets a very dangerous precedent" he added.

"I was appalled to see this particular application.... this has been a huge community asset to this town for many, many years" stated Cllr Nick Fogg, who then went on to suggest that the building be registered as a 'Community Asset' which would provide some security as to future use and stop this immediate change taking place.

Councillors then voted overwhelmingly to object on the grounds that it would be 'the loss of a very good asset in the town and not suitable for a dental practice'.