Cinema opening delayed, first public screenings now likely Autumn next year

Written by Neil Goodwin on .

The old Chapel in The Parade - soon to become Marlborough's new CinemaThe old Chapel in The Parade - soon to become Marlborough's new CinemaMarlborough's eagerly-awaited new cinema in The Parade has had the opening date put back to Autumn 2020.

The delay is due to a combination of unforeseen additional remedial works needing to be carried out to the Grade II listed former Chapel and ultimate clearance by Building Control on the final revised design following a series of amendments to what had originally been planned.

"Hopefully we will get the green light In Feb 2020 when we can start construction works" said project founder and Director of Image Cinemas Ltd, Orlando Harris.

"I’d like to apologise to everyone who is excited by this project and ask them for their patience while we make sure Marlborough gets the finest cinema / bar experience possible." he added.

The original vision was to simply convert the former Chapel building into a cinema.  That early view subsequently evolved into something far greater, and following the acquisition of the adjoining Manse the project now comprises a state-of-the-art digital cinema, comfortable seating for customers, extended cafe space, members lounge and an office for the whole team.

Once complete Marlborough will end up with something that offers far more to the welcoming audience than was originally envisaged when the concept of a new cinema in the town was no more than a twinkle in the eye.  The Cinema, along with the recently opened 'Dan's' restaurant at 'The Crown' and the new Boutique Hotel being developed on the former St Peter's site means that The Parade could start to emerge as a new cultural and entertainment centre for the town.