Town Councillors consider Herd Street closure

Written by Tony Millett on .


Wiltshire Council's closure of Herd Street on Sunday, June 11 for sewer repairs was discussed briefly by the Marlborough Town Council planning committee on Tuesday (May 30).


Councillor Farrell asked why the work had to be done during the day: "Why can't we insist that - like happens in Europe - they do this work in the night time?"  The answer, it was suggested, may be interference with Herd Street residents' sleep patterns.


Councillors were aware of the interference the diversion along Kingsbury Street will bring to residents there and that there will be large lorries using the diversion even on a Sunday.


The council is to ask Wiltshire Council if large lorries could be diverted onto the A34.  Though the practicalities of this were not addressed.


No mention was made of residents’ parking along critical parts of the diversion.