The Food Gallery family branch out with a Food Gallery Express take-away in the High Street

Written by Tony Millett.


Coming here soon: The Food Gallery ExpressComing here soon: The Food Gallery ExpressThere's another Food Gallery enterprise coming to Marlborough High Street.  Bob and Nikki Holman's daughter Katharine is joining her brother Richard to become a full time member of The Food Gallery team.  

She will be running the new Food Gallery Express shop in the High Street premises currently occupied by Marlborough Tiles - just east of Waitrose.

Announcing the new venture, Bob Holman explains: "The Food Gallery Express will cater exclusively for on-the-go customers and will be open from 7.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Saturday."

"So for those of you having to start you day early, you can now grab a freshly baked croissant and one of our own blend coffees, or hot chocolates, thus ensuring your day starts off on the right note."

At lunchtimes Katharine (who prefers to be known as Kat) and her team will be serving salads with a choice of pie, samosa, sausage roll or Food Gallery Flattie.

The new Food Gallery shop will also be serving frozen yoghurts, shakes and frappes.   

And it will be stocking those familiar and tempting hand-made Belgian chocolates that big brother sells at the other end of the High Street.

Kat plans to open Food Gallery Express on Monday, September 21.

Marlborough Tiles have moved to their refurbished factory showroom in Elcot Lane.