Proposal to make Silverless Street one-way in move to stop damaging juggernauts

Written by Tony Millett.


On the right: the Dormy House roofing - now repairedOn the right: the Dormy House roofing - now repairedThe latest incident involving a juggernaut taking a short cut along Silverless Street resulted in damage to the lower roofing of Dormy House - a listed building - as its driver tried to turn out into Kingsbury Street.

This has intensified moves to prevent these mammoth trucks obeying their satnavs and travelling down unsuitably narrow streets to avoid the traffic build-up at the war memorial roundabout - as Marlborough News Online has reported.  

Marlborough Town Council's planning committee (September 21) has endorsed a plan to try and solve the problem by making Silverless Street a one-way street - with no entry from the Herd Street/Barn Street/St Martins crossroads.

This had been raised at the Community Area Transport Group and Councillor Fogg said it was 'the only solution on offer':  "Wiltshire Council Highways have said they'll review the issue - which means they'll do nothing.  It's only a matter of time before something severe happens."

"The one-way solution is not ideal, but as an alternative to catastrophe, that's all we've got."

Councillors also wanted Wiltshire Council to remove the out of scale 'Unsuitable for HGV' sign that is supposed to catch the eye truck drivers coming from the High Street up Kingsbury Street and deter them from turning into Silverless Street.

It was also announced that Wiltshire Council is about review the request made by the Town Council to put an HGV weight limit on George Lane. It was pointed out that this would have to be waived whenever the High Street was closed for Mop Fairs and other events.  This request was made - with others across the Marlborough area - in 2007-2008.

With timescales like this it might take sometime for the one-way order to come through the Wiltshire Council decision-making system.