Road Closures for Pewsey Carnival events

Written by Tony Millett.

The A345 will be closed through Pewsey for Carnival events between 6pm and 11pm on the following days:

•    Thursday, September 11 for the 4-Legged Race (parts of the High Street and Wilcot Road will also be closed.)

•    Thursday, September 20 for the Wheelbarrow Race (parts of High Street will also be closed. Wilcot Road will be closed from North Street 8pm to 9pm. The bridge & footpath along the river at the Grove will be closed 7pm to 9pm.)

•    Saturday, September 22 for the Carnival Procession.

On the first two days local and main road diversions will be in force.  For the Carnival Procession only main road diversions will be in force.