Wiltshire’s new NHS 111 telephone service delayed for a month

Written by Tony Millett on .

At an emergency board meeting of the outgoing Primary Care Trusts and their two incoming Clinical Commissioning Groups for Bath & North-East Somerset and for Wiltshire, it was decided to delay the launch of the new NHS 111 service for a month from the original start date of March 19.

The meeting considered lawyers' advice on the contract and whether it had been breached by missing the launch date.

In a statement after the meeting, the PCTs and the GP-led CCGs said they “will continue to work with the provider to ensure the contract is delivered to a satisfactory level as soon as possible, and will continue to support Harmoni working with other stakeholders to put in place all necessary contingency arrangements for the coming weeks.”

As Marlborough News On line has reported the test period for the service from the private company Harmoni that will replace NHS Direct has produced unsatisfactory results.  There were special concerns about calls being answered too late and ambulances being called out unnecessarily.