George Lane public toilets to reopen

Written by Tony Millett.

The public toilets in the George Lane car park are to reopen fully before the end of April.  They are being totally updated and refurbished after the town council took them over from Wiltshire Council.

The only other public toilets close to the town centre are the town council owned ones in Chantry Lane - toward the west end of the High Street.  These will be closed from April 28 and will be sold at auction in June.

In another development in the withdrawal of Wiltshire Council services to the area, it has been agreed that the lease the town council can negotiate for a seven-year tenancy of the St Margaret's Mead youth centre will allow the building to be hired out to help defray the town council's costs in running it.  But it will have to be a 'full repairing' lease.