Wiltshire Council withdraw from running Marlborough's Christmas market

Written by Tony Millett.

The street market that has become the centrepiece of Marlborough's Christmas lights switch on day is to be run this year by the town council.

After one year of this market being run by the (now defunct) Marlborough Community Market, Wiltshire Council insisted that they should run it and take a major proportion of the money earned from pitch fees for the stalls.  

Wiltshire Council have run this market for the past two years but now say they cannot cope with it - presumably due to staff cuts.

At the last Full Council meeting of the present town council, it was agreed that the town council would run it this year - as a pilot.  They need to see whether their in- house staff have the time to organise it.

The advantage will be that all receipts from the pitch fees will go towards the town council's costs of the day.