Town Councillors ask Redrow Homes to explain new plans for Salisbury Road development

Written by Tony Millett.

Marlborough Town Council's planning committee had before it two planning applications from Redrow Homes (South West) Ltd. at its May 2 meeting.

The first (17/02702/VAR) sought to vary the outline planning consent granted by Wiltshire Council to the Crown Estate.  This altered the phasing of building doe to the exclusion of the hotel from Redrow's plans.  As we have reported before, it is assumed they will be selling on the hotel plot to a specialist hotel developer.

The committee objected to this application due to the 'exclusion' of "the early delivery of a much-needed hotel" - described as "a major element" of the plans.

The committee postponed consideration of the second application (17/03219/REM) which concerns Redrow's new layout and house type plans - very different from the Crown Estate's plans.  The new committee will meet on May 30 and Redrow have been asked to send a representative..

Points raised in the discussion included a conflict with the housing needs revealed in the Neighbourhood Plan analysis - a preference for more two and three bedroom homes - the lack of bungalows - a parking provision designed for Stroud not Marlborough - no mention of adaptations for those with special needs - and traffic concerns.

The consultation period has been extended.  You can make online comments on the new plans here - or write a letter to Wiltshire Council's planning department.