Criticism of Wiltshire Council's lack of spending in the Marlborough area

Written by Tony Millett on .


Councillor Nick Fogg told the full Town Council meeting on Monday (June 26) that it appears that Wiltshire Council will not be re-surfacing George Lane until 2018-2019 - that is sometime after April next year.



He also commented on the disparity of Wiltshire Council spending in the Marlborough area - comparing it to the £8.4m being spent on Pewsey's 'hub' - or as it is now known its Health and Wellbeing Centre: "And not a halfpenny has been spent by Wiltshire Council on our Youth Centre."

He reckoned Wiltshire Council's spend in Pewsey worked out at about £7,400 per head of the population - which he said was much older than the national average.

Later in the meeting councillors were reminded that Marlborough did set up a Community Operations Board to put together plans for a 'campus', 'hub' or 'health and well being centre', but this was dissolved early on in the process when Wiltshire Council told Marlborough representatives there was no money left in the 'Campus Policy' budget.