Marlborough Golf Club Junior Captain hands £850 cheque to St Mary’s Under Fives

Written by Tony Millett on .

Alex Jewell chose St Mary’s Under Fives as his Junior Captain’s charity for his year in office.

Janet Hobson explains the work St Mary's Under Fives does - - including working with those children who might need additional help:  “We are a registered charity on the site of Marlborough St Mary’s Primary School on George Lane."

"Staff provide a broad range of interesting and worthwhile activities for the children. We feel it is very important that we ensure they develop good communication and language skills."
“Where children need extra help or have special educational needs we provide an environment in which they can reach their full potential. This may involve the extra costs of staff training or additional resources."

“Your kind donation will be extremely useful to help us support all the children. We will use it to purchase additional resources and to further develop our outdoor play space. Outdoor play is important for all children both for their physical development but also to promote a healthy lifestyle.”

Alex Jewell responded: “This is a wonderful local charity. I hope one day some of these children will discover the joys of golf!"